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Charlene Meents Memorial
I-44 Riverside Speedway | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Friday, October 13, 2023
Race Recap  

Gavin Miller Cruises to Second Series Victory in Meents Memorial Night 1 at I-44

He broke through to Victory Lane for the first time in August. Now, Gavin Miller is a two-time Feature winner with the Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series presented by Toyota.

The 16-year-old from Allentown, PA, wheeled the Eibach Racing, LynK/Toyota #97 for Keith Kunz Motorsports to I-44 Riverside Speedway Victory Lane in the first round of competition of the 19th annual Charlene Meents Memorial Friday night.

“I knew we had the speed all night – practice, Qualifying, Heat Race,” Miller said. “Just put a whole night together, really.”

The win vaulted him back into third-place in the Series points standings, where he now sits only 44 points out of the lead with one race left. Now a five-time winner between all three national Midget tours in 2023, Miller briefly reflected on his path to national Midget racing success since his debut in the division last year.

“I’m kind of at a loss for words; I feel like I’ve come so far in a short amount of time,” he said.

Miller (97) battling with Ryan Timms (67) for position. (Jacy Norgaard Photo)

From inside Row 2 on the starting grid, Miller took advantage of a restart two laps in, throwing a slider on Karter Sarff to take second on Lap 3 and making beeline for polesitter Zach Daum leading the way.

“The yellow came out, and I just had to think, ‘Calm down, I know I’m just as good around that top,’” Miller said. “I knew I’d eventually get by him, and that’s what I did.”

Miller threw a slide-job first in Turns 3-4, then Daum returned fire in 1-2. But Miller was prepared, crossing Daum over with speed out of Turn 2 to take the lead heading into Turn 3.

From there, Miller was smooth sailing out front while the battle for a spot in the top five raged on behind him.

A caution flag at the halfway point paused the action and restacked the field, where seventh-starting Daison Pursley restarted from fourth in line. He, Daum and Thursday night winner Ryan Timms soon locked themselves into a lap-after-lap battle for second as the sliders went flying in every corner.

“I knew that [Timms] was going to try and slide Zach into Turn 1; I kinda just minded my time on the bottom,” Pursley said. “It wasn’t great down there, but as long as people got racing up there, you could just kinda just inch your way forward, like I’ve seen Zach Daum do.”

Jacy Norgaard Photo

Pursley soon broke away from his opponents with a slide-job on Daum on Lap 18. Though Daum came back at him on the inside in Turns 3-4, Pursley kept the momentum up as he switched to the top side and skated around him to complete the lap and take second away for good.

With only Miller ahead of him now, Pursley pinned the throttle and made slight headway on the leader but was unable to catch him by the checkered. Instead, the native Oklahoman settled for runner-up and his second podium finish of the season with the Series.

“It was just a matter of how fast-paced Gavin got out there and set,” Miller said. “He was clicking off laps consistently; he got to the lead very quickly and was able to calm down and control the race.”

Further back in the field, Daum continued his efforts to stay inside the top five but encountered heavy resistance from Jade Avedisian, Cannon McIntosh and Chase McDermand with the laps winding down. A four-car battle ensued inside of five-to-go, with more sliders and lap-after-lap passes being made amongst each of them.

Avedisian was able to seal the fourth spot with a return slide-job on McIntosh in Turns 3-4 on Lap 26 and some good defense of the position through Turns 1-2. McDermand also got a piece of McIntosh before the checkered, laying down a slide-job of his own to take the fifth spot.

Avedisian (71) going three-wide for position with McIntosh (08) and Daum (7U) // Jacy Norgaard Photo

By the checkered, McIntosh had slipped back to sixth with Daum back in seventh.

Avedisian’s fourth-place run was enough to add an additional six points to her advantage in the standings before the final race of the season on Saturday. She’ll take a 17-point lead over McIntosh into the season finale in pursuit of her first national Midget series championship in her first year with Keith Kunz Motorsports.


The 2023 Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series presented by Toyota season comes to a close on Saturday, Oct. 14, in the second night of the 19th annual Charlene Meents Memorial at I-44 Riverside Speedway. In conjunction with the POWRi National and West Midget Leagues, another $5,000 check will be on the line for the Feature winner, followed by a special championship presentation following the night’s events.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Toyota Racing Feature (30 Laps): 1. 97-Gavin Miller[3]; 2. 19A-Daison Pursley[7]; 3. 67-Ryan Timms[4]; 4. 71-Jade Avedisian[5]; 5. 40-Chase McDermand[8]; 6. 08-Cannon McIntosh[6]; 7. 7U-Zach Daum[1]; 8. 19AZ-Hayden Reinbold[11]; 9. 21K-Karter Sarff[2]; 10. 25K-Taylor Reimer[19]; 11. 13-Elijah Gile[17]; 12. 14R-Jonathan Beason[10]; 13. 28-Ace McCarthy[16]; 14. 43-Gunnar Setser[13]; 15. 26R-Corbin Rueschenberg[15]; 16. 97K-Cooper Williams[21]; 17. 5U-Peter Smith[12]; 18. 98-Ryan Padgett[18]; 19. 19K-Riley Kreisel[14]; 20. 19U-Pierce Urbanosky[22]; 21. 7M-Kyle Jones[20]; 22. 19M-Ethan Mitchell[9]

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Feature Results
13+297Gavin Miller 300.00026Running200$4,000
27+519ADaison Pursley 30-1.0510Running194$2,000
34+167Ryan Timms 30-2.3390Running190$1,200
45+171Jade Avedisian 30-5.1940Running186$1,100
58+340Chase McDermand 30-5.7760Running182$1,000
66008Cannon McIntosh 30-6.9830Running178$800
71-67UZach Daum 30-7.1974Running174$700
811+319AZHayden Reinbold 30-8.0670Running170$600
92-721KKarter Sarff 30-8.5080Running166$500
1019+925KTaylor Reimer 30-9.2470Running162$475
1117+613Elijah Gile 30-9.7730Running158$450
1210-214RJonathan Beason 30-10.4770Running154$425
1316+328Ace McCarthy 30-10.6370Running150$400
1413-143Gunnar Setser 30-11.9920Running146$375
1515026RCorbin Rueschenberg 30-12.8010Running142$350
1621+597KCooper Williams 29-1 Laps0Running138$325
1712-55UPeter Smith 28-2 Laps0Running134$300
1818098Ryan Padgett 28-2 Laps0Running130$300
1914-519KRiley Kreisel 28-2 Laps0Running126$300
2022+219UPierce Urbanosky 28-2 Laps0Running122$300
2120-17MKyle Jones 15-15 Laps0DNF118$300
229-1319MEthan Mitchell 6-24 Laps0DNF114$300
Hard Charger: Taylor Reimer
Last Chance Showdown Results
12+126RCorbin Rueschenberg 100.00010Running0$0
23+113Elijah Gile 10-0.3460Running0$0
31-297KCooper Williams 10-0.9580Running0$0
46+225KTaylor Reimer 10-1.6160Running0$0
55015CCarter Chevalier 10-4.3880Running100$50
67+107Cade Cowles 10-6.1010Running100$50
710+3F5Devin Simmons 10-7.7620Running100$50
811+377Bret Klabunde 10-8.8590Running100$50
94-57Shannon McQueen 4-6 Laps0DNF100$50
1012+284SShaun Shapel 3-7 Laps0DNF100$50
119-27DMichelle Decker 1-9 Laps0DNF100$50
128-459Bobby Chapa 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Devin Simmons
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
11028Ace McCarthy 100.00010Running0$0
23+198Ryan Padgett 10-2.6910Running0$0
38+551BJoe B. Miller 10-3.9670Running100$50
42-227Casey Friedrichsen 10-3.9890Running100$50
5507WHenry Chambers 10-6.7460Running100$50
6601GCaden McCreary 10-7.1270Running100$50
711+419UPierce Urbanosky 10-7.8200Running0$0
810+200Ryder Laplante 10-8.5540Running100$50
97-231KKyle Beilman 10-9.4500Running100$50
109-177JJohn Klabunde 10-11.6270Running100$50
114-77MKyle Jones 2-8 Laps0DNF0$0
Hard Charger: Joe B. Miller
Heat 1 Results
127UZach Daum 367.2040.00021
2497Gavin Miller 367.447-0.24320
3519AZHayden Reinbold 368.526-1.32218
4126RCorbin Rueschenberg 369.208-2.00414
5328Ace McCarthy 369.502-2.29812
667WHenry Chambers 370.672-3.46810
71059Bobby Chapa 373.113-5.90911
89F5Devin Simmons 374.266-7.0627
9777Bret Klabunde 378.352-11.1484
10884SShaun Shapel 186.437180.7672
Heat 2 Results
1371Jade Avedisian 197.0580.00022
2219MEthan Mitchell 197.884-0.82618
3440Chase McDermand 198.228-1.17017
4597KCooper Williams 201.401-4.34315
5127Casey Friedrichsen 202.508-5.45012
667MKyle Jones 202.643-5.58510
791GCaden McCreary 202.879-5.82110
8751BJoe B. Miller 203.835-6.7776
9819UPierce Urbanosky 192.3134.7454
Heat 3 Results
1408Cannon McIntosh 777.3110.00023
2319ADaison Pursley 777.677-0.36619
3514RJonathan Beason 779.107-1.79618
4119KRiley Kreisel 780.770-3.45914
5613Elijah Gile 781.029-3.71813
6715CCarter Chevalier 781.837-4.52611
7807Cade Cowles 782.643-5.3329
8977JJohn Klabunde 785.199-7.8887
9225KTaylor Reimer 406.296371.0154
Heat 4 Results
1221KKarter Sarff 405.8000.00021
2467Ryan Timms 406.234-0.43420
3143Gunnar Setser 408.546-2.74616
435UPeter Smith 409.044-3.24414
5698Ryan Padgett 409.903-4.10313
657Shannon McQueen 411.805-6.00510
7931KKyle Beilman 413.551-7.75110
887DMichelle Decker 399.1716.6296
9700Ryder Laplante 127.606278.1944
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
11097Gavin Miller 00.0000Running10$0
27+528Ace McCarthy 0-0.1830Running9$0
39+67UZach Daum 0-0.2180Running8$0
44026RCorbin Rueschenberg 0-0.4220Running7$0
58+319AZHayden Reinbold 0-0.4370Running6$0
6607WHenry Chambers 0-0.8180Running5$0
75-277Bret Klabunde 0-1.1920Running4$0
810+284SShaun Shapel 0-2.2320Running3$0
93-6F5Devin Simmons 0-48.8230Running2$0
102-859Bobby Chapa 0-49.8230DNS1$0
Hard Charger: Zach Daum
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
15+440Chase McDermand 00.0000Running10$0
26+471Jade Avedisian 0-0.0710Running9$0
37+419MEthan Mitchell 0-0.3110Running8$0
48+427Casey Friedrichsen 0-0.3680Running7$0
51-497KCooper Williams 0-0.4140Running6$0
62-47MKyle Jones 0-0.4870Running5$0
79+251BJoe B. Miller 0-0.4960Running4$0
83-519UPierce Urbanosky 0-0.7010Running3$0
94-51GCaden McCreary 0-0.7100Running2$0
Hard Charger: Chase McDermand
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
16+508Cannon McIntosh 00.0000Running10$0
28+619ADaison Pursley 0-0.1860Running9$0
33025KTaylor Reimer 0-0.2170Running8$0
44019KRiley Kreisel 0-0.2760Running7$0
51-414RJonathan Beason 0-0.3210Running6$0
65-113Elijah Gile 0-0.4920Running5$0
79+215CCarter Chevalier 0-0.6560Running4$0
82-607Cade Cowles 0-1.0780Running3$0
97-277JJohn Klabunde 0-1.3450Running2$0
Hard Charger: Daison Pursley
Qualifying Flight 4 Results
14+367Ryan Timms 00.0000Running10$0
2205UPeter Smith 0-0.0340Running9$0
36+321KKarter Sarff 0-0.1410Running8$0
47+343Gunnar Setser 0-0.3580Running7$0
53-27Shannon McQueen 0-0.4100Running6$0
69+398Ryan Padgett 0-0.6140Running5$0
75-200Ryder Laplante 0-0.6390Running4$0
8807DMichelle Decker 0-0.7560Running3$0
91-831KKyle Beilman 0-48.9750Running2$0
Hard Charger: Ryan Timms
Hot Laps 1 Results
123+2208Cannon McIntosh 00.0000Running0$0
211+925KTaylor Reimer 0-0.0770Running0$0
319+1613Elijah Gile 0-0.1620Running0$0
416+1267Ryan Timms 0-0.1850Running0$0
58+35UPeter Smith 0-0.2150Running0$0
626+2019MEthan Mitchell 0-0.2190Running0$0
73-414RJonathan Beason 0-0.2570Running0$0
831+2319ADaison Pursley 0-0.3000Running0$0
924+1521KKarter Sarff 0-0.3050Running0$0
1028+1843Gunnar Setser 0-0.3940Running0$0
1122+1171Jade Avedisian 0-0.3960Running0$0
1215+319KRiley Kreisel 0-0.4050Running0$0
1318+540Chase McDermand 0-0.5080Running0$0
144-1031KKyle Beilman 0-0.6490Running0$0
1512-37Shannon McQueen 0-0.6870Running0$0
1635+1915CCarter Chevalier 0-0.7070Running0$0
1734+1751BJoe B. Miller 0-0.7190Running0$0
186-127MKyle Jones 0-0.7530Running0$0
1914-51GCaden McCreary 0-0.8620Running0$0
2036+1698Ryan Padgett 0-0.9110Running0$0
2132+117DMichelle Decker 0-0.9190Running0$0
2220-200Ryder Laplante 0-1.0270Running0$0
237-1607Cade Cowles 0-1.1760Running0$0
2421-37WHenry Chambers 0-1.1880Running0$0
2527+277JJohn Klabunde 0-1.2900Running0$0
2629+319AZHayden Reinbold 0-1.3500Running0$0
271-2697Gavin Miller 0-1.5750Running0$0
2813-1526RCorbin Rueschenberg 0-1.6260Running0$0
2925-428Ace McCarthy 0-1.8580Running0$0
302-2897KCooper Williams 0-1.9640Running0$0
3130-127Casey Friedrichsen 0-2.5300Running0$0
3233+17UZach Daum 0-2.7980Running0$0
339-24F5Devin Simmons 0-3.8590Running0$0
3417-1777Bret Klabunde 0-4.2990Running0$0
355-3059Bobby Chapa 011.1690DNS0$0
3610-2619UPierce Urbanosky 011.1690DNS0$0
3737084SShaun Shapel 011.1690DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Daison Pursley
DIRTVision Highlights  
Event Info  

Charlene Meents Memorial
Friday, October 13, 2023
I-44 Riverside Speedway
4100 SW 149th St
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73170 

Series Racing
Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series

To Win Amount

Feature Laps Length

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Track Info  

I-44 Riverside Speedway
4100 SW 149th St
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73170 

Track Type
0.200; banked red clay oval

Track Map
Competitor Info  
Competitor Downloads

Tire Rules
Tire Rule:
Hoosier tires on all 4 corners.
LR must be D12 or harder.
RR MUST be (SP3 Only)
(Grooving and Siping is Allowed)
Teams can have (1) new and (2) used tires marked before Drivers meeting.

Competitor Info
Tire Rule:
Hoosier tires on all 4 corners.
LR must be D12 or harder.
RR MUST be (SP3 Only)
(Grooving and Siping is Allowed)
Teams can have (1) new and (2) used tires marked before Drivers meeting.