DIRTcar Nationals
Volusia Speedway Park | Barberville, FL
Monday, February 14, 2022

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (386) 985-4402

Event Info

DIRTcar Nationals
February 7, 2022 to February 19, 2022
Volusia Speedway Park
1500 East State Road 40
Barberville, FL 

Event Description
Kick off the 2022 racing season with two full weeks of racing in Florida at Volusia Speedway Park!

Series Racing
Xtreme Outlaw Sprint Car Series

Sprint Car Track Record
12.569s by Paul McMahan on 2-10-11; Non-Wing: 16.559s by Steve Kinser on 2-9-81

Late Model Track Record
Super: 15.645s by Tim McCreadie on 2-14-18; 602: 17.948s by Bud Chancey on 1-14-21; 604: 17.018s by Trever Taylor on 1-18-20

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Feature Laps Length

Event Schedule
1PM Pit Gates open
5PM Grandstand Gates open
5:15PM Hot Laps/Qualifying

Latest Schedule
*All times Eastern

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Frequently Asked Questions
To Win Amount

Type of Grandstand
Bleachers, Chairbacks

Stadium Seating
Stadium seats are allowed as long as they don't conflict with the aisle behind you.

Handicapped Seating
All Handicap seating is the first rows of each section

Handicapped Parking
there are many handicap parking spots available. All spots are first come first serve.

Pit Age Limit
There is no age restriction in the pits. Anyone 17 years of age or younger will need to fill out a minor waiver form and be accompanied by an adult.

Pit Gate Location
East or West side of the Track.

Personal Coolers
Six-pack maximum cooler size. No alcohol. No glass.


Credit Card Use
Pit Gate, Ticket Window

Alcohol Sales
Beer is available for purchase at the track.

Smoking Policy
No smoking in the Grandstands.

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
electric hookup, non-electric, onsite, sanitary facility, showers

Camping Cost
$25 a day for dry camping, $50 for hook-up, $75 for electric/water/sewer. Battle in Barberville and Southern Sprint Car Shootout will be Weekend camping. $30 Dry Camping (General), $75 Electric/Water (Reserved), $100 Electric/Water/Sewer (Executive). (no hook-ups available for DIRTcar Nationals)

Closest Airport
Daytona International Airport

Other Airport
Orlando Sanford

Track Info
Track Phone
(386) 985-4402

Track Email

Track Size & Type
0.500; dirt oval

Sprint Car Track Record
12.569s by Paul McMahan on 2-10-11; Non-Wing: 16.559s by Steve Kinser on 2-9-81

Late Model Car Track Record
Super: 15.645s by Tim McCreadie on 2-14-18; 602: 17.948s by Bud Chancey on 1-14-21; 604: 17.018s by Trever Taylor on 1-18-20

DIRTVision Highlights
Race Recap

Penalty Report: Chase Stockon Volusia

Penalty / Fine Notice

Competitor:                 Chase Stockon

Series:                         Xtreme Outlaw Sprint Series

Event Location:           Volusia Speedway Park, De Leon Springs, FL

Date:                            February 15, 2022

Event and explanation:

Tire samples were taken February 15,2022 at Volusia Speedway Park.

A total of 1 tire was sampled (after completion of the feature event) using the accepted practice of the Xtreme Outlaw Sprint Series utilizing the team provided grooving iron and sample cuts taken by crew members. Samples were logged, bagged and sealed with the signature of the represented crew member.

Specimen cuttings were sent to an independent laboratory for testing of chemically altering substances in the tires in a comparative analysis.

The test revealed the tire had been altered and did not match or conform to the benchmarks provided by Hoosier Tire Company.  Additional analysis verified the initial laboratory findings.

The Xtreme Outlaw Sprint Series rulebook reads as follows regarding altering tires in any way.

Section 9  Tires 

  1. Hoosier MEDIUM, or H15 are the only approved right rear tires forl competition.
  2. Teams must utilize Hoosier tires on all four corners.
  3. Any member that attempts and/or is found to be using tires that are found to be illegal in any manner will be subject to disqualification and/or fine and/or suspension and/or loss of points and/or any other action deemed appropriate by World Racing Group Supervisory Officials.
  4. The minimum penalty for any tire that does not meet the benchmark will be as follows:
    • Disqualification from the event and;
    • A fine up to 1,000 championship and track points and;
    • Return of all earned purse and/or reward money from the event and;
    • A fine up to equal the purse money awarded for the event with a minimum fine of $2000 and;
    • A minimum suspension of 1-month minimum or 4 races, up to six (6) months in duration and;
    • Any cost incurred for testing
    • The penalty including fine and suspension may include the driver, crew chief, the car
      and car owner as stated in the penalty notice.
  1. TIRE PROTESTS: Tire protests may involve any tire. The fee will be $500 ($50) per tire. The
    protest will require the confiscation of the tire(s) protested. The tire(s) involved in the protest will be shipped by World Racing Group to the authorized laboratory for benchmark testing. The determination of the facility will be final and non-appealable.

Penalty / Fine: 

  1. Disqualification from the event at Volusia Speedway Park, February 15, 2022, including loss of all purse money and championship points earned in the event(s). (Purse money total $1,800.00)
  2. $120.00 tire analysis fees.
  3. A fine of $2000.00.

Total due including loss of money, fine and tire analysis of $3,920.00

  1. A suspension from the next 2 Xtreme Outlaw Sprint Series events for Chase Stockon and the KO Motorsports #5s
  2. Any subsequent violations may result in a higher fine schedule and/or additional loss of points and/or suspension (including indefinite) and/or parking of the team.
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Feature Results
13+277MC.J. Leary 250.0000Running200$5,000
21-121SCarson Short 25-3.4650Running194$1,800
315+125SChase Stockon 25-3.9510Running190$1,500
46+212Robert Ballou 25-5.1930Running186$1,200
511+647Charles Davis Jr25-7.1460Running182$1,000
62-420Alex Bright 25-8.9740Running178$900
716+921AZJake Swanson 25-9.3900Running174$800
84-475Dustin Clark 25-9.8450Running170$750
98-139Shane Cottle 25-10.7900Running166$725
1013+313MMitchel Moles 25-11.0280Running162$700
1110-166Shane Cockrum 25-12.7500Running158$675
1217+520MThomas Meseraull 25-13.1070Running154$650
1314+16Mario Clouser 25-13.6640Running150$625
1419+55GBriggs Danner 25-14.1230Running146$600
1512-35Logan Seavey 25824.1520Running142$600
1620+444Wesley Smith 25-15.1330Running138$600
1721+42BChad Boespflug 25-16.7490Running134$600
1818033MMatt Westfall 25-18.6570Running130$600
1922+328Kory Schudy 14-11 Laps0DNF126$600
207-1313Dennis Gile 2-23 Laps0DNF122$600
219-1298Brady Bacon 2-23 Laps0DNF118$600
225-174Justin Grant 25-1.3560DQ0$0
Last Chance Showdown Results
13+220MThomas Meseraull 100.0007Running0$0
2205GBriggs Danner 10-2.5913Running0$0
31-22BChad Boespflug 10-6.5040Running0$0
47+30Steve Irwin 10-10.3290Running100$100
54-128MBrandon Mattox 10-10.3290Running100$100
610+449Brian Ruhlman 10-13.2280Running100$100
76-171BBraxton Cummings 10-14.5240Running100$100
85-357BCole Bodine 10-14.8750Running100$100
98-121WScotty Weir 0-10 Laps0DNF100$100
1011+117GPKyle Shipley 0-10 Laps0DNF100$100
119-231Zach Daum 0-10 Laps0DNF100$100
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
11033MMatt Westfall 100.00010Running0$0
24+244Wesley Smith 10-0.6010Running0$0
33028Kory Schudy 10-1.2340Running0$0
45+15MJason McDougal 10-3.2210Running100$100
52-315Carson Garrett 10-3.6370Running100$100
67+157CJack Hoyer 10-3.8820Running100$100
710+316Anthony Nicholson 10-6.1290Running100$100
8803KJeremy Kerzman 10-7.8400Running100$100
99021HDallas Hewitt 10-7.9290Running100$100
106-424Landon Simon 6-4 Laps0DNF100$100
Heat 1 Results
13+24Justin Grant Ione, CA0.0000
22039Shane Cottle Kokomo, IN-321.93918
34+121SCarson Short Marion, IL-322.59217
45+16Mario Clouser Chatham, IL-322.93715
51-45GBriggs Danner Allentown, PA-324.80712
67+128Kory Schudy Battlefield, MO-325.55111
76-15MJason McDougal Broken Arrow, OK-326.1228
8800Steve Irwin Fenton, MI-328.8826
910+116Anthony Nicholson Bartlett, TN-330.8585
109-117GPKyle Shipley Phoenix, AZ-151.1792
Heat 2 Results
14+312Robert Ballou Rocklin, CA0.00023
22098Brady Bacon Broken Arrow, OK-151.62718
31-247Charles Davis JrBuckeye, AZ-154.95816
45+121AZJake Swanson Anaheim, CA-155.38515
53-25SChase Stockon Fort Branch, IN-157.24412
66028MBrandon Mattox Cory, IN-158.69210
78+124Landon Simon Indianapolis, IN-161.2369
87-121HDallas Hewitt Troy, OH-167.1526
99031Zach Daum Pocahontas, IL-167.1524
Heat 3 Results
12+175Dustin Clark Washington, IN0.00021
21-166Shane Cockrum Benton, IL-245.48918
36+313MMitchel Moles Raisin city, CA-245.53819
43-15Logan Seavey Sutter, CA-246.15414
58+320MThomas Meseraull San Jose, CA-248.44915
64-233MMatt Westfall Pleasant Hill, OH-248.48410
75-257BCole Bodine Rossville, IN-251.8208
87-157CJack Hoyer Frankfort, IN-252.4046
99021WScotty Weir Marion, IN-252.4044
Heat 4 Results
12+177MC.J. Leary Greenfield, IN0.00021
23+120Alex Bright Collegeville, PA-185.84719
34+113Dennis Gile Phoenix, AZ-185.98417
41-32BChad Boespflug Lebanon, IN-188.35814
55015Carson Garrett Littleton, CO-190.28212
67+144Wesley Smith Nixa, MO-191.54411
76-171BBraxton Cummings Bedford, IN-193.2008
89+13KJeremy Kerzman Grey Eagle, MN-194.3637
98-149Brian Ruhlman Clark Lake, MI-198.3464
Qualifying Results
1521SCarson Short 16.8550.00010
2104Justin Grant 16.952-0.0970
3339Shane Cottle 16.973-0.1188
475GBriggs Danner 17.469-0.6147
526Mario Clouser 17.515-0.6606
665MJason McDougal 17.635-0.7805
7828Kory Schudy 17.775-0.9204
890Steve Irwin 17.776-0.9213
9117GPKyle Shipley 17.816-0.9612
10416Anthony Nicholson 18.088-1.2331
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1212Robert Ballou 16.7830.00010
235SChase Stockon 16.852-0.0699
3798Brady Bacon 16.877-0.0948
4147Charles Davis Jr16.901-0.1187
5421AZJake Swanson 16.936-0.1536
6928MBrandon Mattox 17.230-0.4475
7631Zach Daum 17.491-0.7084
8524Landon Simon 17.571-0.7883
9821HDallas Hewitt 17.836-1.0532
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
1133MMatt Westfall 16.9720.00010
235Logan Seavey 16.977-0.0059
3975Dustin Clark 17.099-0.1278
4566Shane Cockrum 17.235-0.2637
5857BCole Bodine 17.601-0.6296
6621WScotty Weir 17.659-0.6875
7413MMitchel Moles 17.703-0.7314
8257CJack Hoyer 18.468-1.4963
9720MThomas Meseraull 19.346-2.3742
Qualifying Flight 4 Results
1413Dennis Gile 16.9420.00010
2720Alex Bright 16.945-0.0039
3577MC.J. Leary 17.160-0.2188
482BChad Boespflug 17.617-0.6757
5615Carson Garrett 17.727-0.7856
6371BBraxton Cummings 18.080-1.1385
7944Wesley Smith 18.089-1.1474
8149Brian Ruhlman 18.182-1.2403
923KJeremy Kerzman 18.182-1.2402