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Xtreme Outlaw Midget Showdown
Southern Illinois Center | Du Quoin, Illinois
Friday, March 10, 2023
Race Recap  

LOOSE CANNON: McIntosh Wins Midget Season Opener at Southern Illinois Center

Cannon McIntosh has quickly become one of the most skilled indoor Midget racers in the nation and showed the Du Quoin crowd exactly why with a victory in the Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series presented by Toyota season opener Friday night.

McIntosh, 20, of Bixby, OK, took advantage of his Row 2 starting spot, racing with the top-five through the first half of the event and making the pass for the lead inside the final 10 laps en route to his second career Xtreme Outlaw Feature win over Shane Cottle and Thomas Meseraull.

“Can’t do any better than that,” McIntosh said on winning the season opener. “Stating off with a win, we’re just gonna take it one race at a time.”

Though he finished the night hoisting the $4,000 winner’s check in Victory Lane, McIntosh’s night was not all smooth sailing out front. After bagging the Whitz RC Racing Products Fast Time Award in Qualifying, he rolled off fourth on the grid of his Heat Race but quickly brought out caution after a miscue on Lap 1.

“Just made a mistake on the first lap going into Turn 3,” McIntosh said. “Brakes are touchy at this little place, and I stalled the engine pretty quick.”

Forced to come from the tail of the field, McIntosh drove the Dave Mac-Dalby Motorsports, GearWrench #08 from dead last to second in eight laps, using every lane his competitors left open in front of him to complete the comeback and earn himself a fourth-place Feature starting spot.

McIntosh also won the 2019 Shamrock Classic – his first win indoors at Du Quoin (Jacy Norgaard)

At the drop of the green in the Feature, McIntosh stayed patient while polesitter Shane Cottle paced the field out front. Though the leaders refused to show their hands through first green-flag stretch of 12 laps, the urgency picked up over the next 18.

Mitchel Moles, the 23-year-old open wheel regular from Raisin City, CA, making his debut for Keith Kunz Motorsports, was the first to get aggressive up front, powering his new LynK Chassis around the outside of teammate Jade Avedisian for second on Lap 17. The outside lane eventually got the best of Moles, however, as he drove it hard into Turn 3 looking for the lead on Cottle, got on the brakes and stalled the engine at the top of the track, bringing out the yellow again and sending him to the tail.

That incident ended up being a clue for McIntosh, now riding third for the ensuing restart.

“Moles kinda showed the top in Turns 3-4, and I still felt like the bottom was better in 1-2, and then he stalled it,” McIntosh said. “From there, I just knew what to do and got to the front.”

With only two cars in front of him and the laps winding down, McIntosh tried the top on the restart and made it stick, overtaking Avedisian for second on Lap 21, and eventually, Cottle for the lead after the final restart on Lap 23.

From there, it was all McIntosh out front, as he pulled away from the field and crossed under the checkers to collect his second career victory in the Southern Illinois Center. The indoor venues are his bread-and-butter, and always seem to have been since his rookie Midget days racing around his native Oklahoma and its most famed racing event.

“When I finally got the chance to do it at Chili Bowl, I did well and just felt comfortable,” McIntosh said. “Any indoor track, especially when I come here, I just love the vibe being under the lights. It’s just a good feeling, and I have confidence when I walk into Du Quoin or Tulsa at Chili Bowl.”

Leading the first 22 laps, Cottle crossed the line second and bagged his first career Xtreme Outlaw podium finish. He said he felt most comfortable riding the bottom lane all the way around the track, which left McIntosh the lane to get by on the top.

“We led most of the Feature until the top came-in down there in Turns 3-4 and Cannon got around us,” Cottle said. “When you’re out front, you’re just a sitting duck. That’s just part of it.”

Thomas Meseraull, of San Jose, CA, rounded out the podium in his Series debut with the RMS Racing #7x. Like McIntosh, he stayed patient as well throughout the event, but scooped-up the third spot with two-to-go after an aggressive move to the inside of Avedisian in Turn 3.

Podium finishers Meseraull, McIntosh and Cottle (Jacy Norgaard Photo)

“It’s a tight track; there’s not a whole lot of room,” Meseraull said. “She kinda was changing lines, and I felt like she was going to the top and was gonna be held up by the car in front of her, so I just kinda bombed it in there.”

Avedisian, 16, of Clovis, CA, settled for fourth in her debut for KKM, while defending Series champion Zach Daum completed the top-five in the first night out for his new King Chassis operation.


The Xtreme Outlaw Midget action continues with the second night of racing at the Southern Illinois Center Saturday night, March 11, with a 40-lap, $5,000-to-win main event. Tickets will be sold at the door. If you can’t be there to watch, stream all the action live on DIRTVision.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature (30 Laps): 1. 08-Cannon McIntosh[4]; 2. 86-Shane Cottle[1]; 3. 7X-Thomas Meseraull[5]; 4. 71-Jade Avedisian[2]; 5. 5D-Zach Daum[8]; 6. 31B-Chase Johnson[17]; 7. 2X-Landon Brooks[16]; 8. 7U-Kyle Jones[15]; 9. 97-Gavin Miller[6]; 10. 17B-Austin Barnhill[7]; 11. 68-Mitchel Moles[3]; 12. 19AZ-Hayden Reinbold[20]; 13. 26-Chance Crum[19]; 14. 71E-Mariah Ede[13]; 15. 50-Daniel Adler[9]; 16. 19M-Ethan Mitchell[11]; 17. 25K-Taylor Reimer[18]; 18. 72J-Sam Johnson[12]; 19. 6B-Andy Baugh[14]; 20. 21K-Karter Sarff[10]

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Feature Results
14+308Cannon McIntosh 300.0008Running200$4,000
21-186Shane Cottle 30-2.20322Running194$2,000
35+27XThomas Meseraull 30-2.3880Running190$1,200
42-271Jade Avedisian 30-3.0880Running186$1,100
58+35DZach Daum 30-3.8150Running182$1,000
617+1131BChase Johnson 30-4.0250Running178$800
716+92XLandon Brooks 30-4.2370Running174$700
815+77UKyle Jones 30-4.3280Running170$600
96-397Gavin Miller 30-5.5390Running166$500
107-317BAustin Barnhill 30-6.3140Running162$475
113-868Mitchel Moles 30-6.9970Running158$450
1220+819AZHayden Reinbold 30-7.8460Running154$425
1319+626Chance Crum 30-7.9360Running150$400
1413-171EMariah Ede 30-8.0910Running146$375
159-650Daniel Adler 30-8.2010Running142$350
1611-519MEthan Mitchell 30-8.2800Running138$325
1718+125KTaylor Reimer 30-9.0950Running134$300
1812-672JSam Johnson 21-9 Laps0DNF130$300
1914-56BAndy Baugh 18-12 Laps0DNF126$300
2010-1021KKarter Sarff 11-19 Laps0DNF122$300
Hard Charger: Chase Johnson
Last Chance Showdown Results
12+17UKyle Jones 100.0005Running0$0
21-131BChase Johnson 10-0.7015Running0$0
34+140Chase McDermand 10-1.0600Running100$100
48+426RCorbin Rueschenberg 10-1.9350Running100$100
53-237XChett Gehrke 10-2.4150Running100$100
612+655Nick Drake 10-2.7660Running100$100
76-16Isaac Chapple 10-3.5190Running100$100
87-155CTrevor Cline 10-3.8950Running100$100
910+171TKyler Johnson 10-4.2930Running100$100
1011+141MHoward Moore 10-4.4700Running100$100
1114+38Davey Ray 10-5.1010Running100$100
129-37Cody Beard 10-5.5450Running100$100
131301HHenry Chambers 10-5.9970Running100$100
145-931XJaxton Wiggs 10-6.4630Running100$100
151506RCharles Rufi 10-7.0470Running100$100
Hard Charger: Nick Drake
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
13+22XLandon Brooks 100.0004Running0$0
21-125KTaylor Reimer 10-0.4396Running0$0
32-126Chance Crum 10-0.6350Running0$0
47+357ARonnie Gardner 10-0.8730Running100$100
55091Matt Veatch 10-2.3860Running100$100
68+235Tyler Robbins 10-2.9350Running100$100
710+357RDaniel Robinson 10-3.4820Running100$100
84-419AZHayden Reinbold 10-3.6690Running100$100
912+371MCaden Englehart 10-3.7740Running100$100
106-431KKyle Beilman 10-4.8050Running100$100
1111037Ashton Thompson 10-5.2890Running100$100
1214+212Charlie Kunz 10-7.0050Running100$100
1313041Oliver Akard 10-7.7900Running100$100
149-500John Heitzman 10-8.5860Running100$100
Hard Charger: Ronnie Gardner
Heat 1 Results
1117BAustin Barnhill 208.0950.00020
2221KKarter Sarff 208.208-0.11318
3371EMariah Ede 208.742-0.64716
4431BChase Johnson 209.661-1.56614
5791Matt Veatch 210.728-2.63314
6555CTrevor Cline 211.078-2.98310
7671TKyler Johnson 211.631-3.5368
881HHenry Chambers 212.750-4.6556
998Davey Ray 212.750-4.6554
Heat 2 Results
1186Shane Cottle 84.7050.00020
2650Daniel Adler 85.776-1.07122
3319MEthan Mitchell 86.093-1.38816
4540Chase McDermand 86.694-1.98915
5426Chance Crum 87.162-2.45712
677Cody Beard 87.880-3.17511
7231KKyle Beilman 88.745-4.0408
8841Oliver Akard 90.310-5.6056
996RCharles Rufi 90.310-5.6054
Heat 3 Results
1497Gavin Miller 268.2730.00023
216BAndy Baugh 268.805-0.53218
3372JSam Johnson 269.004-0.73116
4237XChett Gehrke 269.486-1.21314
5531XJaxton Wiggs 269.767-1.49412
6600John Heitzman 271.776-3.50310
7837Ashton Thompson 272.211-3.9389
8771MCaden Englehart 272.729-4.4566
9912Charlie Kunz 277.234-8.9614
Heat 4 Results
1171Jade Avedisian 221.5610.00020
2408Cannon McIntosh 222.541-0.98020
3625KTaylor Reimer 222.857-1.29619
437UKyle Jones 223.232-1.67114
5219AZHayden Reinbold 223.470-1.90912
6757ARonnie Gardner 223.755-2.19411
7841MHoward Moore 224.614-3.0539
8557RDaniel Robinson 18.810202.7516
Heat 5 Results
13+27XThomas Meseraull 100.0005Running22$0
25+35DZach Daum 10-0.9290Running21$0
34+168Mitchel Moles 10-1.3210Running17$0
42-22XLandon Brooks 10-1.5560Running14$0
58+36Isaac Chapple 10-2.5620Running15$0
66035Tyler Robbins 10-3.1050Running10$0
71-626RCorbin Rueschenberg 10-3.2465Running8$0
87-155Nick Drake 10-4.4400Running6$0
Hard Charger: Zach Daum
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
18+731BChase Johnson 00.0000Running10$0
26+471EMariah Ede 0-0.2120Running9$0
39+621KKarter Sarff 0-0.2330Running8$0
47+317BAustin Barnhill 0-0.2690Running7$0
52-355CTrevor Cline 0-0.3090Running6$0
64-271TKyler Johnson 0-0.4090Running5$0
71-691Matt Veatch 0-0.5070Running4$0
83-51HHenry Chambers 0-0.5170Running3$0
95-48Davey Ray 0-0.8790Running2$0
Hard Charger: Chase Johnson
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
11026Chance Crum 00.0000Running10$0
26+419MEthan Mitchell 0-0.1460Running9$0
39+631KKyle Beilman 0-0.1560Running8$0
48+486Shane Cottle 0-0.2030Running7$0
57+240Chase McDermand 0-0.2570Running6$0
63-350Daniel Adler 0-0.4500Running5$0
75-27Cody Beard 0-0.4670Running4$0
82-641Oliver Akard 0-0.6060Running3$0
94-56RCharles Rufi 0-0.6060DNS2$0
Hard Charger: Kyle Beilman
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
11097Gavin Miller 00.0000Running10$0
25+372JSam Johnson 0-0.0370Running9$0
34+137XChett Gehrke 0-0.2360Running8$0
47+36BAndy Baugh 0-0.3450Running7$0
59+431XJaxton Wiggs 0-0.3490Running6$0
68+200John Heitzman 0-0.5120Running5$0
73-471MCaden Englehart 0-0.5340Running4$0
86-237Ashton Thompson 0-0.7130Running3$0
92-712Charlie Kunz 0-1.2230Running2$0
Hard Charger: Jaxton Wiggs
Qualifying Flight 4 Results
13+208Cannon McIntosh 00.0000Running10$0
24+27UKyle Jones 0-0.0930Running9$0
37+419AZHayden Reinbold 0-0.1240Running8$0
48+471Jade Avedisian 0-0.1500Running7$0
52-357RDaniel Robinson 0-0.1800Running6$0
66025KTaylor Reimer 0-0.2110Running5$0
71-657ARonnie Gardner 0-0.3610Running4$0
85-341MHoward Moore 0-0.5500Running3$0
Hard Charger: Hayden Reinbold
Qualifying Flight 5 Results
13+268Mitchel Moles 00.0000Running10$0
26+47XThomas Meseraull 0-0.0420Running9$0
37+42XLandon Brooks 0-0.3790Running8$0
44026RCorbin Rueschenberg 0-0.3830Running7$0
5505DZach Daum 0-0.4150Running6$0
68+235Tyler Robbins 0-0.4580Running5$0
72-555Nick Drake 0-0.4630Running4$0
81-76Isaac Chapple 0-0.5450Running3$0
Hard Charger: Thomas Meseraull
Hot Laps 1 Results
18+731BChase Johnson 00.0000Running0$0
27+517BAustin Barnhill 0-0.2370Running0$0
39+621KKarter Sarff 0-0.2820Running0$0
46+271EMariah Ede 0-0.3330Running0$0
51-491Matt Veatch 0-0.5710Running0$0
64-271TKyler Johnson 0-0.7360Running0$0
73-41HHenry Chambers 0-0.9350Running0$0
85-38Davey Ray 0-0.9350DNS0$0
92-755CTrevor Cline 0-0.9350DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Chase Johnson
Hot Laps 2 Results
16+519MEthan Mitchell 00.0000Running0$0
21-126Chance Crum 0-0.1790Running0$0
35+27Cody Beard 0-0.2230Running0$0
48+486Shane Cottle 0-0.2500Running0$0
57+240Chase McDermand 0-0.5130Running0$0
63-350Daniel Adler 0-0.5790Running0$0
72-541Oliver Akard 0-1.1220Running0$0
84-46RCharles Rufi 0-1.1220DNS0$0
99031KKyle Beilman 0-1.1220DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Ethan Mitchell
Hot Laps 3 Results
11097Gavin Miller 00.0000Running0$0
25+372JSam Johnson 0-0.0500Running0$0
33071MCaden Englehart 0-0.3560Running0$0
44037XChett Gehrke 0-0.4050Running0$0
57+26BAndy Baugh 0-0.4070Running0$0
69+331XJaxton Wiggs 0-0.7320Running0$0
76-137Ashton Thompson 0-0.7760Running0$0
88000John Heitzman 0-1.6900Running0$0
92-712Charlie Kunz 0-1.6900DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Sam Johnson
Hot Laps 4 Results
13+208Cannon McIntosh 00.0000Running0$0
24+27UKyle Jones 0-0.2410Running0$0
31-257ARonnie Gardner 0-0.2610Running0$0
46+225KTaylor Reimer 0-0.3440Running0$0
57+219AZHayden Reinbold 0-0.3530Running0$0
68+271Jade Avedisian 0-0.4580Running0$0
72-557RDaniel Robinson 0-0.6060Running0$0
85-341MHoward Moore 0-0.8800Running0$0
Hard Charger: Cannon McIntosh
Hot Laps 5 Results
16+57XThomas Meseraull 00.0000Running0$0
27+52XLandon Brooks 0-0.0950Running0$0
33068Mitchel Moles 0-0.2530Running0$0
45+15DZach Daum 0-0.2560Running0$0
52-355Nick Drake 0-0.2670Running0$0
68+235Tyler Robbins 0-0.4550Running0$0
71-66Isaac Chapple 0-0.4780Running0$0
84-426RCorbin Rueschenberg 0-0.7090Running0$0
Hard Charger: Thomas Meseraull
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Xtreme Outlaw Midget Showdown
Friday, March 10, 2023
Southern Illinois Center
655 Executive Dr
Du Quoin, Illinois 62832 

Series Racing
Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series

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Southern Illinois Center
655 Executive Dr
Du Quoin, Illinois 62832 

Track Phone
(618) 542-1515

Track Type
1/6-mile temporary indoor oval

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