Xtreme Outlaw Midget Showdown
81 Speedway | Wichita, KS
Saturday, May 06, 2023

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (316) 755-1781

Event Info

Xtreme Outlaw Midget Showdown
May 6, 2023
81 Speedway
7700 N Broadway St
Wichita, KS 

Series Racing
Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series

Late Model Track Record
15.718 by Mike Marlar on 10/22/22

To Win Amount

Feature Laps Length

Event Schedule
5:15PM Drivers Meeting
5:45PM Motor Heat
6:15PM Xtreme Outlaw Midgets Hot Laps
USAC Midwest Wingless Sprint Hot Laps
Xtreme Outlaw Midgets Group Qualifying - Split Groups - 2 Laps
316 A-Mod Hot Laps
Opening Ceremonies
Xtreme Outlaw Midgets Heat Races (8 Laps)
USAC Midwest Wingless Sprints Heats (8 Laps)
316 A-Mod Heats (6 Laps)
Xtreme Outlaw Midgets Invert Draw
Xtreme Outlaw Midgets Last Chance Showdowns (10 Laps) If Needed
USAC Midwest Wingless Sprints Last Chance Showdowns (12 Laps) If Needed
316 A-Mod Last Chance Showdowns (10 Laps) If Needed
Xtreme Outlaw Midgets Feature (25 Laps)
USAC Midwest Wingless Sprints Feature (25 Laps)
316 A-Mod Feature (15 Laps)

*All times Central

Frequently Asked Questions
To Win Amount

Track Info
Track Phone
(316) 755-1781

Track Size & Type
0.375; dirt oval

Late Model Car Track Record
15.718 by Mike Marlar on 10/22/22

Competitor Info
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Competitor Info
Tire Rule:
Hoosier tires on all 4 corners.
LR must be D12 or harder.
RR MUST be (SP3 Only)
(Grooving and Siping is Allowed)
Teams can have (1) new and (2) used tires marked before Drivers meeting.

DIRTVision Highlights
Race Recap

SWEEPING THE NATION: McDermand Passes McIntosh Late to Win at 81, Sweeps Kansas Weekend

It’s hard to believe now that Chase McDermand’s first start of the 2023 Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series presented by Toyota season ended with him on the trailer without a spot in the main event. His doubters have since been silenced, as he drove to Victory Lane for the second time in two races Saturday night at 81 Speedway.

His clean sweep of the Series’ first trip to Kansas was completed in exciting fashion after winning Friday night at Humboldt Speedway. McDermand and the Mounce/Stout Motorsports crew showed up to 81 on Saturday, still hungry for more, and got the job done – driving around Series points leader Cannon McIntosh on a restart in the final 10 laps to bag the $4,000 grand prize and McDermand’s third career Xtreme Outlaw victory.

His second win of the season now sets him third in the Series points standings – a far cry from 22nd, where he sat after that first race in Du Quoin back in mid-March.

“To be able to climb back out of the hole we were in early… It means a lot to be able to be able to do that this early in the season,” McDermand said.

Neither Feature win over the weekend was handed to him. Like Friday, McDermand had to pass one of the fastest cars on the track to get the win.

Rolling off the starting grid on the outside pole, McDermand slipped back to fourth in the opening laps but was able to gather it back in after a restart on Lap 11. Two laps and two passes for position later, he had only McIntosh in his sights and made a beeline for his rear bumper.

The field was soon faced with another restart on Lap 18. Though McIntosh was fast and had led the last eight laps, he still could sense the area where he was lacking.

“I could feel it start to struggle on corner exit,” McIntosh said. “I figured at some point, somebody would be coming.”

Lo and behold, the exit of Turn 2 was where McDermand decided to pull the trigger. He got a great jump on the restart and carried a full head of steam through Turns 1-2, zooming past McIntosh on the bottom to take the lead.

“I knew where I was running had been good – a little bit lower into Turn 1 and off of Turn 2,” McDermand said. “I got a really good run there. I was able to get side-by-side with him and then clear him.

“I didn’t want to get too good of a run going into Turn 3, so I had to run low enough to block the slider if it was coming.”

Now with the lead and the laps winding down, McDermand hit the jets and began to pull away from the field. Even a green-white-checkered finish at the end could not slow him down as he cruised to his second win in two nights.

“I was just trying to hit my marks,” McDermand said of his plan for the green-white-checkered finish. “Turns 1-2 I hit it right maybe three-quarters of the time, and the other corners – I just couldn’t get a good run off of 2, so I knew I had to hit that corner right, especially having Cannon and Gavin [Miller] behind me.”

Though he was a bit bummed about having to settle for runner-up two nights in-a-row, McIntosh was happy to retain the points lead with his fourth podium finish in the first five Series races thus far.

“It’s good to come out of here with the points lead and have a consistent weekend,” McIntosh said. “Hopefully, we can continue to do the same thing going into the next races we have.”

Completing the podium was 16-year-old Gavin Miller, who charged from 13th on the grid to third in 25 laps to record his best career Xtreme Outlaw finish in his first full-time season at the controls of a Keith Kunz Motorsports Midget.

“We’re making big gains every single race, and I’m still learning,” Miller said. “It’s crazy to me how far I’ve come so far, only having a year of experience, and not that many races, either.”


The Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series presented by Toyota breaks for two weeks before returning to action May 23-24 at Millbridge Speedway in Salisbury, NC. Tickets will be available at the gate on race day. If you can’t be at the track, stream all the action live on DIRTVision.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature (25 Laps): 1. 40-Chase McDermand[2]; 2. 08-Cannon McIntosh[3]; 3. 97-Gavin Miller[13]; 4. 71-Jade Avedisian[1]; 5. 26-Chance Crum[16]; 6. 7X-Thomas Meseraull[10]; 7. 25K-Taylor Reimer[11]; 8. 5D-Zach Daum[7]; 9. 2X-Landon Brooks[8]; 10. 19M-Ethan Mitchell[5]; 11. 28-Ashton Torgerson[9]; 12. 19AZ-Hayden Reinbold[19]; 13. 7W-Brendon Wiseley[20]; 14. 59-Laci Ferno[12]; 15. 96-Cody Brewer[14]; 16. 07-Scout Spraggins[15]; 17. 52J-Corey Joyner[18]; 18. 7U-Kyle Jones[6]; 19. 1H-Henry Chambers[17]; 20. 58-Daniel Whitley[4]; 21. 21E-Emilio Hoover[22]; 22. 70-Cade Cowles[21]

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Feature Results
12+140Chase McDermand 250.0007Running0$4,100
23+108Cannon McIntosh 25-0.8798Running0$2,000
313+1097Gavin Miller 25-1.5070Running0$1,200
41-371Jade Avedisian 25-1.71710Running0$1,100
516+1126Chance Crum 25-2.5720Running0$1,000
610+47XThomas Meseraull 25-2.7020Running0$800
711+425KTaylor Reimer 25-2.8090Running0$700
87-15DZach Daum 25-3.3050Running0$600
98-12XLandon Brooks 25-3.9410Running0$500
105-519MEthan Mitchell 25-4.4360Running0$475
119-228Ashton Torgerson 25-4.4680Running0$450
1219+719AZHayden Reinbold 25-5.0180Running0$425
1320+77WBrendon Wiseley 25-5.0530Running0$400
1412-259Laci Ferno 25-6.6620Running0$375
1514-196Cody Brewer 25-7.4960Running0$350
1615-107Scout Spraggins 25-8.7760Running0$325
1718+152JCorey Joyner 22-3 Laps0DNF0$300
186-127UKyle Jones 11-14 Laps0DNF0$300
1917-21HHenry Chambers 11-14 Laps0DNF0$300
204-1658Daniel Whitley 8-17 Laps0DNF0$300
2122+121EEmilio Hoover 1-24 Laps0DNF0$300
2221-170Cade Cowles 0-25 Laps0DNS0$300
Last Chance Showdown Results
1101HHenry Chambers 00.0000Running0$0
22052JCorey Joyner 00.0000Running0$0
33019AZHayden Reinbold 00.0000Running0$0
4407WBrendon Wiseley 00.0000Running0$0
55070Cade Cowles 00.0000Running0$0
66021EEmilio Hoover 00.0000Running0$0
77091Lance Bennett 00.0000Running0$0
88017XKurt Stellhorn 00.0000Running0$100
99084SShaun Shapel 00.0000Running0$100
Heat 1 Results
11019MEthan Mitchell Mooresville, NC0.0000
24+208Cannon McIntosh Bixby, OK-0.5140
32-17XThomas Meseraull San Jose, CA-1.0200
43-125KTaylor Reimer Tulsa, OK-1.2140
56+196Cody Brewer Choctaw, OK-2.8880
68+252JCorey Joyner Concordia, KS-3.3970
75-219AZHayden Reinbold Chandler, AZ118.1190
89+117XKurt Stellhorn Baldwin, IL131.4290
97-291Lance Bennett Aurora, CO131.4290
Heat 2 Results
11071Jade Avedisian Clovis, CA0.0000
2207UKyle Jones Kennedale, TX-0.3510
3305DZach Daum Pocahontas, IL-2.1230
44028Ashton Torgerson Glendale, AZ-2.4780
55097Gavin Miller Allentown, PA-2.8630
67+126Chance Crum Snohomish, WA-3.9430
78+17WBrendon Wiseley Sand Springs, OK-4.4270
86-221EEmilio Hoover Broken Arrow, OK-5.6720
Heat 3 Results
12+140Chase McDermand Springfield, IL0.0000
24+258Daniel Whitley Ferndale, CA-1.0870
3302XLandon Brooks Yuba City, CA-3.0950
41-359Laci Ferno Mooresville, NC-11.0030
55007Scout Spraggins Cache, OK-12.1080
6601HHenry Chambers Baldwin City, KS-13.4250
77070Cade Cowles Bixby, OK-13.8430
88084SShaun Shapel Wichita, KS-13.8430
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
1608Cannon McIntosh 16.8550.0000
2925KTaylor Reimer 16.926-0.0710
387XThomas Meseraull 17.022-0.1670
4119MEthan Mitchell 17.080-0.2250
5319AZHayden Reinbold 17.112-0.2570
6596Cody Brewer 17.796-0.9410
7491Lance Bennett 17.814-0.9590
8752JCorey Joyner 18.257-1.4020
9217XKurt Stellhorn 18.257-1.4020
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1628Ashton Torgerson 16.8780.0000
255DZach Daum 16.889-0.0110
327UKyle Jones 16.921-0.0430
4871Jade Avedisian 16.929-0.0510
5497Gavin Miller 17.114-0.2360
6121EEmilio Hoover 17.282-0.4040
7326Chance Crum 17.348-0.4700
877WBrendon Wiseley 18.141-1.2630
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
1858Daniel Whitley 16.7700.0000
232XLandon Brooks 16.923-0.1530
3240Chase McDermand 16.931-0.1610
4459Laci Ferno 17.601-0.8310
5507Scout Spraggins 17.857-1.0870
671HHenry Chambers 18.133-1.3630
7170Cade Cowles 18.404-1.6340
8684SShaun Shapel 18.404-1.6340
Hot Laps Results
187XThomas Meseraull 17.7420.0000
2925KTaylor Reimer 18.229-0.4870
3119MEthan Mitchell 18.323-0.5810
4319AZHayden Reinbold 19.193-1.4510
5608Cannon McIntosh 19.196-1.4540
6752JCorey Joyner 19.516-1.7740
7596Cody Brewer 19.799-2.0570
8491Lance Bennett 19.935-2.1930
9217XKurt Stellhorn 19.944-2.2020
Hot Laps 2 Results
1871Jade Avedisian 17.2050.0000
2497Gavin Miller 17.486-0.2810
3628Ashton Torgerson 17.640-0.4350
455DZach Daum 17.748-0.5430
5121EEmilio Hoover 17.956-0.7510
677WBrendon Wiseley 18.070-0.8650
7326Chance Crum 18.254-1.0490
827UKyle Jones 18.254-1.0490
Hot Laps 3 Results
1858Daniel Whitley 16.6580.0000
2240Chase McDermand 16.671-0.0130
332XLandon Brooks 17.117-0.4590
4459Laci Ferno 17.508-0.8500
571HHenry Chambers 17.894-1.2360
6507Scout Spraggins 17.936-1.2780
7170Cade Cowles 18.551-1.8930
8684SShaun Shapel 18.551-1.8930