Xtreme Outlaw Sprint Cars
Spoon River Speedway | Lewistown, IL
Saturday, September 10, 2022

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (309) 668-2622

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Xtreme Outlaw Sprint Cars
September 10, 2022
Spoon River Speedway
16736 N Speedway Rd
Lewistown, IL 

Series Racing
Xtreme Outlaw Sprint Car Series

Late Model Track Record
12.955 seconds by Tyler Erb on 6/20/19

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To Win Amount

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(309) 668-2622

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Late Model Car Track Record
12.955 seconds by Tyler Erb on 6/20/19

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GET THE BROOM: Swanson Sweeps Illinois Weekend with Win at Spoon River

Two wins in two days; three in the last three races. Jake Swanson and Team AZ Racing are firing on all cylinders.

With another victory with the Xtreme Outlaw Sprint Car Series pres. by Low-E Insulation Saturday night at Spoon River Speedway, Swanson – the 29-year-old wheelman from Anaheim, CA – completed a sweep of the Series’ Illinois weekend and made up a big chunk of ground in the chase for the inaugural season points championship.

“Two races in a row – I don’t think I’ve ever swept a weekend in my life,” Swanson said. “I’m pumped about that, but three Xtreme Series races in-a-row is massive. I’m blown away.”

Coming into the weekend, Swanson sat fifth in the standings, 116 points out of first place. After the win at Jacksonville Speedway Friday night and again at Spoon River on Saturday, he now rides third, 53 behind leader Shane Cockrum. Add-in his victory at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 in June, and that makes three wins for him in the last three Series races.

Swanson is now the only three-time winner on the Xtreme Outlaw Series. (Jacy Norgaard Photo)

“If we had a good weekend, we were gonna be like, ‘Alright, let’s focus on a championship,’” Swanson said. “Really, the $20,000 [points championship check] is what we’re after. Obviously, [the weekend] couldn’t have played out any better.”

Taking the green from inside Row 2, it didn’t take long before Swanson had the lead. Polesitter Robert Ballou led the first three trips around the 3/8-mile oval before Swanson made the move to his inside coming out of Turn 2 and sealed the pass as they raced into Turn 3.

It was a maneuver Swanson said he’d struggled to get right in the past, but worked it to perfection Saturday night.

“Lately, we’ve been really good squaring-off [the corner]; the thing leaves from center-off so much better,” Swanson said. “I felt like that was our biggest issue last year, and sometimes at the beginning of this year. We fixed some stuff and really got that dialed in.”

Now with the lead in-hand, it became Swanson’s race to lose. After a quick caution and red-flag combo shy of the halfway point, he checked out, building up a near three-second lead on Ballou as they entered the home stretch.

Once Swanson hit lapped traffic, Ballou was able to close-in on him slightly, but never close enough to make a move.

“When there was that caution with about 10 laps to go, it felt it took like 10 laps for my racecar to get going,” Ballou said. “I could catch [Swanson] after about four or five laps, but I was overdriving the car, and you make mistakes when you do that.”

Just when all hope seemed to evaporate, the yellow flag was displayed. Wesley Smith looped around in Turn 2, erasing Swanson’s lead and giving Ballou and a hungry Kevin Thomas Jr. one final chance.

In the end, Swanson kept the field at bay and drove across the stripe to collect his second $5,000 check in two days.

“Really cool racetrack to be able to run two lines like that and finesse the bottom and rip the top,” Swanson said. “One of the most fun places I’ve been to the last two weekends. These were really great racetracks, and I hope we can come back more.”

Though Ballou was able to hang on for a strong runner-up finish, he said was dissatisfied with his car’s handling throughout the 30-lap event.

Ballou (left), Swanson (middle) and Thomas Jr. (right) on the podium. (Jacy Norgaard Photo)

“From Lap 1, I knew I was in trouble, and I was just kinda hanging on,” Ballou said. “I finally figured I could overdrive the car and get it to be decent, but you can’t win races overdriving your racecar.”

Rounding out the podium, Kevin Thomas Jr. bagged a third-place finish to cap-off his debut weekend with the Xtreme Outlaw Sprints. Coming from fourth on the starting grid, he made the move for third on Anton Hernandez on Lap 11 and chased Ballou for the rest of the way. He tried several times to make a move to his inside but was unable to muster the speed to execute a pass.

“I tried to slide him once, and didn’t feel like I got a good enough run,” Thomas said. “I didn’t want to crash both of us, so I left a little bit of room.”

Like Swanson, Thomas enjoyed both tracks on the Illinois swing and the new challenges they brought along.

“It was fun to get to Jacksonville and here to Spoon River to kind of do something different,” Thomas said. “That was a lot of fun.”


The Xtreme Outlaw Sprint Car Series pres. by Low-E Insulation returns to action with a two-day event at Atomic Speedway in Waverly, OH, Oct. 7-8. Tickets are available at the gate on race day, or if you can’t be at the track, stream every lap live on DIRTVision.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature (30 Laps): 1. 21AZ-Jake Swanson[3]; 2. 12-Robert Ballou[1]; 3. 15K-Kevin Thomas Jr[4]; 4. 2B-Anton Hernandez[2]; 5. 66-Shane Cockrum[10]; 6. 6-Mario Clouser[8]; 7. 17GP-Max Adams[16]; 8. 20-Alex Bright[6]; 9. 52-Isaac Chapple[7]; 10. 77M-CJ Leary[12]; 11. 28-Kory Schudy[5]; 12. 33M-Matt Westfall[9]; 13. 44-Wesley Smith[11]; 14. N2-Nic Harris[17]; 15. 28M-Brandon Mattox[13]; 16. 11-Colton Fisher[18]; 17. 1JR-Steven Russell[20]; 18. 8-Tyler Roth[22]; 19. 8D-Will Armitage[21]; 20. 24-Landon Simon[14]; 21. 56-Mitchell Davis[19]; 22. 29-Mitch Wissmiller[15]

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Feature Results
13+221AZJake Swanson 310.00028Running200$5,000
21-112Robert Ballou 31-1.3243Running194$2,500
34+115KKevin Thomas Jr31-1.6600Running190$1,800
42-22BAnton Hernandez 31-2.4160Running186$1,500
510+566Shane Cockrum 31-3.1010Running182$1,200
68+26Mario Clouser 31-3.6120Running178$1,000
716+917GPMax Adams 31-3.7120Running174$900
86-220Alex Bright 31-4.1730Running170$800
97-252Isaac Chapple 31-4.4420Running166$750
1012+277MC.J. Leary 31-4.4760Running162$725
115-628Kory Schudy 31-4.8480Running158$700
129-333MMatt Westfall 31-6.0010Running154$675
1311-244Wesley Smith 31-7.8140Running150$650
1417+3N2Nic Harris 30-1 Laps0Running146$625
1513-228MBrandon Mattox 30-1 Laps0Running142$600
1618+211Colton Fisher 30-1 Laps0Running138$600
1720+31JRSteven Russell 30-1 Laps0Running134$600
1822+48Tyler Roth 29-2 Laps0Running130$600
1921+28DWill Armitage 29-2 Laps0Running126$600
2014-624Landon Simon 11-20 Laps0DNF122$600
2119-256Mitchell Davis 11-20 Laps0DNF118$600
2215-729Mitch Wissmiller 7-24 Laps0DNF114$600
Last Chance Showdown Results
12+1N2Nic Harris 100.0006Running0$0
21-111Colton Fisher 10-4.0134Running0$0
33056Mitchell Davis 10-6.4980Running0$0
4401JRSteven Russell 10-7.0210Running0$0
5508DWill Armitage 10-7.5820Running0$0
67+18Tyler Roth 10-8.7510Running0$0
76-12AAustin Archdale 10-9.9390Running100$100
89+120XSteve Thomas 10-12.4220Running100$100
98-170XEric Shelton 10-17.7840Running100$100
1010016Anthony Nicholson 0-10 Laps0DNS100$100
Heat 1 Results
13+221AZJake Swanson Anaheim, CA0.00022
24+22BAnton Hernandez Arlington, TX-574.04920
32-152Isaac Chapple Willow Branch, IN-574.29816
45+128MBrandon Mattox Cory, IN-576.29815
51-424Landon Simon Indianapolis, IN-576.88412
67+111Colton Fisher Mediapolis, IA-579.10811
76-156Mitchell Davis Auburn, IL-579.2328
88070XEric Shelton Decatur, IL-571.2016
99016Anthony Nicholson Bartlett, TNDNS4
Heat 2 Results
15+412Robert Ballou Rocklin, CA0.00024
21-120Alex Bright Collegeville, PA-342.86118
32-16Mario Clouser Chatham, IL-343.11016
43-133MMatt Westfall Pleasant Hill, OH-344.36614
54-144Wesley Smith Nixa, MO-346.15812
67+1N2Nic Harris Atlanta, IL-346.30711
76-11JRSteven Russell Rochester, IL-348.7468
8808Tyler Roth Springfield, IL-350.9396
99020XSteve Thomas Ludlow, IL-354.2404
Heat 3 Results
14+315KKevin Thomas JrCullman, AL0.00023
23+128Kory Schudy Battlefield, MO-242.28019
31-266Shane Cockrum Benton, IL-243.03116
46+277MC.J. Leary Greenfield, IN-243.44516
55017GPMax Adams Loomis, CA-243.57412
62-429Mitch Wissmiller Saybrook, IL-245.03310
78+18DWill Armitage Athens, IL-246.8319
87-12AAustin Archdale Brimfield, IL-250.0426
Qualifying Results
142BAnton Hernandez 13.0050.00010
2921AZJake Swanson 13.147-0.1429
3152Isaac Chapple 13.260-0.2558
4524Landon Simon 13.343-0.3387
5328MBrandon Mattox 13.496-0.4916
6756Mitchell Davis 13.737-0.7325
7811Colton Fisher 13.814-0.8094
8670XEric Shelton 14.589-1.5843
9216Anthony Nicholson 14.589-1.5840
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1244Wesley Smith 13.1600.00010
2433MMatt Westfall 13.181-0.0219
356Mario Clouser 13.369-0.2098
4120Alex Bright 13.451-0.2917
5712Robert Ballou 13.513-0.3536
691JRSteven Russell 13.920-0.7605
73N2Nic Harris 14.122-0.9624
888Tyler Roth 14.567-1.4073
9620XSteve Thomas 15.095-1.9352
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
1515KKevin Thomas Jr13.1180.00010
2828Kory Schudy 13.290-0.1729
3329Mitch Wissmiller 13.324-0.2068
4666Shane Cockrum 13.430-0.3127
5717GPMax Adams 13.447-0.3296
6177MC.J. Leary 13.466-0.3485
742AAustin Archdale 14.113-0.9954
828DWill Armitage 14.160-1.0423