World of Outlaws Late Models & DIRTcar Summer Nationals Results

Federated Auto Parts I-55 Raceway -- 6/24/2022

Feature -- Xtreme Outlaw Sprints -- Time of Race: 25 Mins, 40 Secs -- 30 Laps
17+620Alex Bright Collegeville, PA0.000
22017Nick Bilbee Martinsville, IN-4.102
311+85DZach Daum Pocahontas, IL-4.371
412+833MMatt Westfall Pleasant Hill, OH-4.929
51-452Isaac Chapple Willow Branch, IN-5.786
65-166Shane Cockrum Benton, IL-6.956
723+1616Anthony Nicholson Bartlett, TN-7.291
819+1199XDalton Stevens Scurry, TX-7.919
99028Kory Schudy Battlefield, MO-8.344
1022+122Chase Johnson Penngrove, CA-8.598
118-32BChad Boespflug Lebanon, IN-11.744
1216+41JRSteven Russell Rochester, IL-11.839
1317+434Sterling Cling Tempe, AZ-11.865
1418+40Steve Irwin Fenton, MI-12.514
154-116Mario Clouser Chatham, IL-13.798
1621+513Chase Howard Nesbit, MS-14.525
176-1121AZJake Swanson Anaheim, CA-15.575
1814-424Landon Simon Indianapolis, IN-15.763
193-1617GPKyle Shipley Phoenix, AZDNF
2010-1077Jack Wagner Lone Jack, MO-0.259
2120-199Korey Weyant Springfield, IL-0.637
2215-733Rece Wommack Falkner, MS-2.271
2313-1044Wesley Smith Nixa, MODNF
Last Chance Showdown 1 -- Xtreme Outlaw Sprints -- Time of Race: 04 Mins, 55 Secs -- 10 Laps
11034Sterling Cling Tempe, AZ0.000
23+10Steve Irwin Fenton, MI-0.595
39+699XDalton Stevens Scurry, TX-1.000
46+299Korey Weyant Springfield, IL-1.506
54-113Chase Howard Nesbit, MS-2.346
62-42Chase Johnson Penngrove, CA-2.512
78+116Anthony Nicholson Bartlett, TN-2.550
810+273Samuel Wagner Lone Jack, MO-3.248
95-43SStephen Smith Lavon, TXDNF
DNS7-343BRicky Lewis Oxnard, CADNS
Heat 1 -- Xtreme Outlaw Sprints -- Time of Race: 01 Mins, 53 Secs -- 8 Laps
12+16Mario Clouser Chatham, IL0.000
21-152Isaac Chapple Willow Branch, IN-1.144
33017Nick Bilbee Martinsville, IN-1.827
45+133MMatt Westfall Pleasant Hill, OH-3.319
54-15DZach Daum Pocahontas, IL-3.582
69+334Sterling Cling Tempe, AZ-4.631
78+10Steve Irwin Fenton, MI-6.490
87-116Anthony Nicholson Bartlett, TN-7.002
96-399XDalton Stevens Scurry, TX-7.168
Heat 2 -- Xtreme Outlaw Sprints -- Time of Race: 03 Mins, 05 Secs -- 8 Laps
14+321AZJake Swanson Anaheim, CA0.000
22017GPKyle Shipley Phoenix, AZ-0.572
33020Alex Bright Collegeville, PA-0.984
41-344Wesley Smith Nixa, MO-1.500
55024Landon Simon Indianapolis, IN-2.167
68+22Chase Johnson Penngrove, CA-2.317
7703SStephen Smith Lavon, TX-3.296
86-299Korey Weyant Springfield, IL-3.826
99073Samuel Wagner Lone Jack, MODNF
Heat 3 -- Xtreme Outlaw Sprints -- Time of Race: 01 Mins, 56 Secs -- 8 Laps
13+266Shane Cockrum Benton, IL0.000
21-12BChad Boespflug Lebanon, IN-1.198
32-177Jack Wagner Lone Jack, MO-1.584
44028Kory Schudy Battlefield, MO-2.125
57+233Rece Wommack Falkner, MS-5.134
65-11JRSteven Russell Rochester, IL-5.437
78+113Chase Howard Nesbit, MS-6.201
DNS6-243BRicky Lewis Oxnard, CADNS
Qualifying Group 1 -- Xtreme Outlaw Sprints -- Time of Race: 03 Mins, 06 Secs -- 0 Laps
185DZach Daum Pocahontas, IL12.7880.000
2417Nick Bilbee Martinsville, IN12.790-0.002
326Mario Clouser Chatham, IL12.879-0.091
4352Isaac Chapple Willow Branch, IN12.943-0.155
5633MMatt Westfall Pleasant Hill, OH12.993-0.205
6599XDalton Stevens Scurry, TX12.996-0.208
7116Anthony Nicholson Bartlett, TN13.043-0.255
890Steve Irwin Fenton, MI13.114-0.326
9734Sterling Cling Tempe, AZ13.240-0.452
Qualifying Group 2 -- Xtreme Outlaw Sprints -- Time of Race: 03 Mins, 29 Secs -- 0 Laps
1821AZJake Swanson Anaheim, CA12.7890.000
2620Alex Bright Collegeville, PA12.946-0.157
3117GPKyle Shipley Phoenix, AZ12.950-0.161
4944Wesley Smith Nixa, MO13.113-0.324
5724Landon Simon Indianapolis, IN13.381-0.592
6399Korey Weyant Springfield, IL13.467-0.678
753SStephen Smith Lavon, TX13.922-1.133
842Chase Johnson Penngrove, CA13.980-1.191
9273Samuel Wagner Lone Jack, MO13.980-1.191
Qualifying Group 3 -- Xtreme Outlaw Sprints -- Time of Race: 00 Mins, 32 Secs -- 0 Laps
1128Kory Schudy Battlefield, MO12.9140.000
2366Shane Cockrum Benton, IL13.126-0.212
3277Jack Wagner Lone Jack, MO13.148-0.234
452BChad Boespflug Lebanon, IN13.241-0.327
541JRSteven Russell Rochester, IL13.517-0.603
6743BRicky Lewis Oxnard, CA13.545-0.631
7633Rece Wommack Falkner, MS13.596-0.682
8813Chase Howard Nesbit, MS13.877-0.963
Hot Laps 1 -- Xtreme Outlaw Sprints -- Time of Race: 00 Mins, 39 Secs -- 0 Laps
13+252Isaac Chapple Willow Branch, IN0.000
2206Mario Clouser Chatham, IL-0.100
36+333MMatt Westfall Pleasant Hill, OH-0.305
44017Nick Bilbee Martinsville, IN-0.341
51-416Anthony Nicholson Bartlett, TN-0.411
67+134Sterling Cling Tempe, AZ-0.413
79+20Steve Irwin Fenton, MI-0.859
8805DZach Daum Pocahontas, IL-0.859
95-499XDalton Stevens Scurry, TX-0.859
Hot Laps 2 -- Xtreme Outlaw Sprints -- Time of Race: 00 Mins, 25 Secs -- 0 Laps
17+624Landon Simon Indianapolis, IN0.000
29+744Wesley Smith Nixa, MO-0.107
36+320Alex Bright Collegeville, PA-0.153
45+13SStephen Smith Lavon, TX-0.331
54-12Chase Johnson Penngrove, CA-0.384
62-473Samuel Wagner Lone Jack, MO-0.548
73-499Korey Weyant Springfield, IL-0.594
81-717GPKyle Shipley Phoenix, AZ-0.594
98-121AZJake Swanson Anaheim, CA-0.594
Hot Laps 3 -- Xtreme Outlaw Sprints -- Time of Race: 00 Mins, 27 Secs -- 0 Laps
11028Kory Schudy Battlefield, MO0.000
25+32BChad Boespflug Lebanon, IN-0.124
33066Shane Cockrum Benton, IL-0.203
47+343BRicky Lewis Oxnard, CA-0.215
54-11JRSteven Russell Rochester, IL-0.444
62-477Jack Wagner Lone Jack, MO-0.594
76-133Rece Wommack Falkner, MS-0.603
88013Chase Howard Nesbit, MS-0.700