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Penalty Report: Cannon McIntosh Millbridge

Competitor: Cannon McIntosh/Dave Mac Motorsports 

Series: Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series 

Event Location: Millbridge Speedway, Salisbury NC 

Date: May 25, 2022 

Event and explanation: 

Tire samples were taken May 25, 2022 at Millbridge Speedway. 

A total of 1 tire was sampled (after completion of the feature event) using the accepted practice of the Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series utilizing the team provided grooving iron and sample cuts taken by crew members. Samples were logged, bagged and sealed with the signature of the represented crew member. 

Specimen cuttings were sent to an independent laboratory for testing of chemically altering substances in the tires in a comparative analysis. 

The test revealed the tire did not match or conform to the benchmarks provided by Hoosier Tire Company. Additional analysis verified the initial laboratory findings. 

The Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series rulebook reads as follows regarding altering tires in any way. 

Section 10 Tires 

    1. Hoosier SP-2, SP-3, SP-4 are the mandatory compound right rear tire for competition. (Right Rear Tire rule for the events May 24-25 at Millbridge Speedway was open to allow the RD12.)
    2. Teams must utilize Hoosier tires on all 4 corners. LR tires must be D12 or harder. D10 and RD12 will not be permitted on LR.
    3. Any member that attempts and/or is found to be using tires that are found to be illegal in any manner will be subject to disqualification and/or fine and/or suspension and/or loss of points and/or any other action deemed appropriate by World Racing Group Supervisory Officials. 
    4. The minimum penalty for any tire that does not meet the benchmark will be as follows:
      Disqualification from the event and;

      • A fine up to 1,000 championship and track points and;
      • Return of all earned purse and/or reward money from the event and;
      • A fine up to equal the purse money awarded for the event with a minimum fine of $2000 and;
      • A minimum suspension of 1-month minimum or 4 races, up to six (6) months in duration and;
      • Any cost incurred for testing
      • The penalty including fine and suspension may include the driver, crew chief, the car and car owner as stated in the penalty notice.
    5. TIRE PROTESTS: Tire protests may involve any tire. The fee will be $500 ($50) per tire. The protest will require the confiscation of the tire(s) protested. The tire(s) involved in the protest will be shipped by World Racing Group to the authorized laboratory for benchmark testing. The determination of the facility will be final and non-appealable.


    Penalty / Fine: 

    1. Disqualification from the event at Millbridge Speedway, May 25, 2022, including loss of all purse money and championship points earned in the event(s). (Purse money total $5,000.00) 
    2. $120.00 tire analysis fees. 
    3. A fine of $2000.00.
      Total due including loss of money, fine and tire analysis of $7,120.00 
    4. A suspension from the next 2 Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series events for Cannon McIntosh and the Dave Mac Motorsports #08. 
    5. Any subsequent violations may result in a higher fine schedule and/or additional loss of points and/or suspension (including indefinite) and/or parking of the team.