Outlaw Limited Street Rules


1/8 Mile, Heads Up, .400 Pro Tree, 32 Car Field, Sportsman Ladder, Lane choice goes to higher qualifier first round, and then the faster car from previous round.


29.5/10.5/15 sidewall designation for slick tires

315/60R15 or smaller radial (325/50R15 okay)

Stiff Wall Slicks OK

NO “W” Tires Allowed On Tires Taller Than 28″ – 28″ or shorter W Tires OK


Stock front frame rails and suspension required. Aftermarket control arms and bushings allowed as long as they bolt in stock locations. Rack and pinion steering allowed. Aftermarket coil over shocks allowed and aftermarket direct replacement struts are allowed, but must bolt in stock location.

Aftermarket bolt in sub-frame allowed. Must bolt in unaltered stock OEM mounting locations. OEM suspension configuration required. These bolt on subframes must be from a manufacturer with designated company part numbers and must be produced for the vehicle they were designed for from the manufacturer.


Any type rear suspension allowed. Firewall must be retained and in stock location.


Any engine combination allowed. Motor plates and solid mounts allowed. All nitrous bottles to be safety vented pop off to outside the vehicle.


Any type automatic or manual transmission allowed.

Minimum base Weights: All minimum weights include the driver:
SB/BB N/A No Weight Limit
SB NOS 2500 lbs
BB NOS 3100 lbs
SB Turbo 3100 lbs
SB Twins Supercharger/Turbos 3150 lbs
SB Supercharger 3100 lbs
BB Supercharger 3200 lbs
BB Single Turbo 3200 lbs
BB Twins Supercharger/Turbos 3250 lbs
6 Cyl Combo – Any Power Adder 2600lbs
4 Cyl Combo – Any Power Adder 2150lbs
Buick/Olds/Pontiac Nitrous combos will be 2700 lbs
Leaf Springs – Subtract 100lbs

Multiple Power Adders Allowed On 4 Cyl Combos Only